Party Add-Ons

Night at the Races

Can’t get to the racetrack? Don’t worry, we will bring the racetrack to you, right in your own living room. With our custom projectors, authentic racing forms, and race tickets, we can turn any venue into the Kentucky Derby.


One of the most classic games, played worldwide in all venues. We offer a deluxe bingo set for all ages. Bingo is a great game for any event and our staff will make sure your guests have a fantastic time.

Money Machine

Our custom money machine is truly one of a kind. You and your guests take turns going into our beautiful glass booth and try to grab as much funny money as possible over 30 or 60 seconds. The money is being blown all over the booth so be sure to grab it up as fast as you can. You can exchange the funny money for chips or raffle tickets when you exit the booth. Great for Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, and Fundraisers.


Cocktail Waitresses

Have  professional cocktail waitresses serve your guests as if they were in a Las Vegas Casino. A great idea for just the cocktail hour or the whole event, a cocktail waitress will add an authentic feel to any casino party.

Las Vegas Showgirls

Beautiful women like those in Las Vegas to add to the decor and ambiance of the evening.

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